Concrete embracing daring pairings

Over the past few years, concrete’s understated mineral appearance has made it a material of choice for minimalist interiors. The latest trends, however, have seen it gradually gaining a foothold in warmer settings, notably through a bold marriage with terracotta.

With its cool grey palette and raw pared-back style,chaisesconcrete had its heyday from the 1950s to ’70s when
Le Corbusier’s brutalist movement championed vast concrete buildings with repetitive flanks of angular geometric features.
Pushed aside by more ornate styles, concrete returned to favour a few years ago, winning the hearts of designers and architects who saw in it the perfect material for minimalist interiors.
Today, the tides of trend have turned once more, gravitating towards brighter, more daring combinations, notably involving terracotta. A timeless material that can be deemed “old- fashioned”, terracotta imbues the concrete with a warm Mediterranean flavour whilst simultaneously giving itself an updated, more contemporary spin.

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