Laying patterns: the little bit of boldness that changes everything!

French, English, Opus, Roman… the list of possible laying patterns is endless. That’s right, color and finish aren’t the only elements designers have to play with: the way a floor is installed can also make a huge difference to the way a room looks! We turn the spotlight on the very latest interior design trend.

From the traditional Herringbone pattern to the more modern French-style floor, there is a rich world of previously unimagined design possibilities just waiting to be explored. An ever-increasing number of architects and designers are tapping into the powers of the laying pattern, that simple yet daring technique that can be adapted at will to make our interiors feel bigger, smaller, more traditional or more current… Magic? It would certainly seem so!

First and foremost a mathematical art
But far from being simply a clever trick, putting together a laying pattern is actually a mathematical exercise that demands rigor and precision. A veritable graphic layout of square, rectangular, circular or hexagonal shapes, it helps us better understand a room’s graphic construction.

Mosaic layouts, a Roman and contemporary trend
At times classic, at times eccentric, mosaic-style laying patterns once reserved for Roman interiors are currently taking the design world by storm. Original designs are crafted into daring patterns that see small and large formats, rectangles and squares all being audaciously combined… Producing results that are truly delightful as well as highly creative!
Care needs to be taken, however, when using small square formats, which can make a space feel smaller and create an overly busy feel. Their use should consequently be reserved for bathrooms and other small surfaces.

When mismatched flooring rhymes with modernity
Traditional, regular laying patterns are now a thing of the past. Today it’s all about mixing a variety of shapes and sizes, as reflected in the current craze for English- and French-style parquets, the former playing around with varying plank lengths and the latter favouring medleys of lengths and widths.

Deconstructed designs that ooze originality
Pushed to the extreme, this love of all things irregular results in deconstruction. Laying patterns are consequently sometimes created from combinations of planks and tiles, complementing the most modern interiors.

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