LVT, the hospitality sector’s newest star

The hospitality industry is demanding, with guests increasingly looking for a veritable “life experience”. To keep them happy, hotels have no choice but to opt for materials that are not only aesthetically pleasing but upgradeable, hardwearing, insulating and… cost-effective! It is for this very reason that LVT is fast becoming a firm favorite right across the sector, with an ever-increasing number of hotels succumbing to the charms of vinyl tiles and planks.

“Practicality is King” now seems so out-dated, and those days are most definitely gone. Today, buildings designed to welcome the general public do everything they can to offer the most engaging, enjoyable and immersive experience possible. Flooring, walls and furnishings are all chosen with the utmost care, conveying a crystal clear message from the second the threshold is crossed: “Your time here is going to be outstanding”.

Flooring at the heart of the guest experience

The instant guests step through the door, their every sense is stimulated: the ear is drawn to the background music, the nose picks up the ambient fragrance, the body reacts to the temperature of the room…
The eye, meanwhile, has a staggered response. It initially takes in the overall surroundings, getting a feel for the general vibe based on the materials and decor it sees. It then starts to focus on the specifics, closely inspecting every last detail. It notices ornaments sitting on a shelf, the color of the wall behind the receptionist – and even the color of the receptionist’s clothes!
The flooring is one of the most crucial elements in determining how guests experience a new setting. A poor choice of flooring that jars with the furnishings or walls will stick out like a sore thumb, whereas wellchosen flooring that suits the surroundings will bring an immersive aspect to the exploration phase.

Helping hotels make savings

Floors may have to be aesthetically pleasing to guests, but they can also create a real financial headache for hotels. Flooring needs to withstand intense traffic, absorb noise, come in a variety of designs, offer a variety of installation solutions, come with the option of being personalized, be suitable for use in humid settings… The list goes on and on, and there are often additional constraints: recyclability, low VOC emissions, water resistance, etc.
The fact that LVT can offer all this and more has seen it rapidly become a go-to choice for the hospitality sector. It comes in endless designs, can be customdesigned and custom-cut, is quick and easy to install and remove, generates low levels of impact sound and is increasingly being manufactured from recycled materials – all highly attractive selling points as far as professionals are concerned.

Solutions to suit all hotel categories

The deep warmth of a dark-hued wood, the comforting softness of a textile or the modern intransigence of a concrete are all recreated to perfection with vinyl planks, whose range of designs has increased exponentially over the course of the past few years. Available in a myriad of hues and featuring ultrarealistic embossed finishes, there are designs to suit hotels across all categories no matter what their style.
The various planks and tiles are both accessible and highly modular, enabling every single room to be given its own unique feel: a reading corner with dark restful hues to relax the mind, bedrooms with neutral shades to facilitate sleep, a dining area with warm shades to offer an energy boost…
Bespoke solutions are also available, with custom cuts and inserts enabling signage to be integrated directly in the floor, keeping walls streamlined: guests can consequently be guided from the lobby to other parts of the hotel, finding their way around with ease.

The most cost-effective solution around

Not only can this solution be laid on existing floors in most cases, but planks and tiles can be easily replaced. The flooring is extremely quick to install (even in occupied environments) and it is highly resistant to all kinds of aggressions. This makes LVT one of the most cost-effective solutions around for all hospitality venues.

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