Neo-Gothic meets Industrial Chic

Gothic is back! Albeit with a couple of contemporary twists. The typically English industrial chic style is being given a brand new look with a daring combination of materials and quirky hand-etched effects. Straddling the line between the elegance of all things vintage and the industrial world’s attention to detail, this is a trend that encourages the complex-free mixing of styles.

Rock Factory is the marriage of wood and textiles. The textures present in the two materials are blended and re-traced giving birth to an elegant hybrid. From disused factory-turned-exhibition space to intimate cosy-hued boudoir, this trend suits style combinations of every imaginable kind.

The designs are complex, interwoven, fusing the raw material with a foreign substance that serves to enhance its finish, such as polished concrete whose surface offers a tantalizing glimpse of the granules within. Textile fibres become entwined with the veins of a deep-hued wood, lace, deconstructed friezes… Rock Factory favors culture over nature and is rooted in an industrial archaeology that has very little time for melancholy.

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