Software packages and apps to assist vith interior design

It isn’t only homeowners who do a lot of head scratching over interior design! From schools to hospitals, entrance lobbies to sports halls, each building or renovation project demands a certain amount of thought about how the different spaces should look. To make it easier for decision-makers to picture the various options available, a number of software packages and apps can now simulate the overall effect different designs and materials create.

Professionals generally look to software packages for assistance. They offer high-performance 3D rendering and an almost infinite number of possibilities for recreating furniture, décor and finishes down to the very last detail, making it almost impossible for a “basic” app to compete.

Professional software packages to foster project ownership

ARCON 18, for example, is one of the best-conceived packages on the market in terms of offering a userfriendly presentation of a design to the end client. Fully adapted to take account of France’s RT 2012 regulations, this software package makes it easier than ever to present digitally modelled designs: panoramic 360° views, virtual 3D video tours, project presentations both online and on tablets… Everything a designer could possibly need to help the buyer easily picture what’s planned!

ARREDOCAD DESIGNER, meanwhile, is a particularly strong contender when it comes to importing furniture and bespoke designs. Every single item in the database is configurable, and additional designs can also be imported, enabling every last cm2 to be fully customized. One particularly great feature allows floor designs and colors to be imported from a simple JPG image, and the tool also automatically calculates purchase prices and fitting waste!

A multitude of apps for consumers

Consumers, meanwhile, now have access to a huge number of 3D simulation tools boasting a myriad of features, although it will come as no surprise to learn they are less comprehensive than professional software packages.

HOME DESIGN 3D is the market’s leading app for 3D interior design modelling. Published by LiveCad in 2011, it has attracted over 20 million users worldwide since its launch. This is an app that is very easy and intuitive to use: the tool creates a 3D design from an existing or imported 2D floorplan and offers a well-stocked database to furnish and decorate each room. Users can also enjoy a virtual 3D visit of the rooms they have created, helping them visualize their project with ease.

KOZIKAZA is another firm favourite, because its 3D simulation tool also offers an integrated social networking feature: both the website and the app provide consumers and professionals with somewhere to share their ideas, featuring inspiration boards and forums filled with a whole host of questions and answers on building, renovation, decoration, material choice, etc. The fact that professionals can chat directly with potential customers via the app makes it totally unique.


To help absolutely everyone visualize their project more clearly, Gerflor has developed “Gerflor Interior Designer”, accessible via both computer and tablets. It allows users to view visuals of all the ranges and designs showcased in the setting of their choice.
Also available in the “BIM Services” section of the Gerflor website is a database of downloadable BIM objects that can be used to virtually furnish a room, giving you a better idea of what the completed project will look like (the feature is also available on

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