Spinach, mint & malachite: Prepare for a patchwork of greens

Of all the hues that surround us, the most fascinating is probably green: it’s cool yet warming, bright yet relaxing, and gives urban environments a more natural feel.  But what really makes
designers’ hearts skip a beat is its ability to propel patchworks into the realms of art.

A subtle balance of warm and cool, bright and dull, green is a hue that seamlessly blends into surroundings of every kind. Relaxing, harmonious, invigorating, refreshing, it adopts shades and functions with chameleon-like ease. One day embracing a soft pastel palette in the bedroom, the next zinging in lime to give a kitchen a bright, fresh look.

Unlike other colours, green is even more evocative of nature when a variety of shades are combined. A coincidence? Absolutely not. From the day we are born, our eyes are bombarded with a profusion of leaves and pastures that span the colour spectrum, ranging from deep fern greens to acidic, almost yellow, hues. We’ve been surrounded by rich natural patchworks since the very dawn of time. It consequently comes as no surprise that we are keen to reproduce these mesmerizing medleys and bring
the calming beauty of nature into our homes!

This year will see us embrace the full gamut of greens: from graduated tones to mosaics of hues, prepare for carefree combinations of olive, emerald, absinth and lichen shades. Urban environments are set to go shamelessly green in an attempt to soothe away the stresses of our modern-day existence, opening the door to nature and surrounding us with a true sense of calm!

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