Trends for 2015 – 2016


Trends come and go with the seasons, so the unique designs of the LVT range are continually updated and renewed. Some of the collections adopt new hues, whilst others embrace more traditional textures.

The Gerflor Design Centre turns the spotlight on the 5 key LVT trends for 2015-2016

1/ Mineral trend

50 shades of mineral
Concrete and stone, the perennial interior design classics, lare being given an extreme makeover and adopting cruder, more natural textures… and they’re even appearing side by side!

Concrete is taking on a more matte-like appearance and is no longer afraid to flaunt a textured, worn look. The eye caresses its porous texture and rough, unstructured lines, admiring a new range of hues that move away from the traditional palette of greys and enable it to flow and blend into our interiors with greater ease than ever before.

Natural stone is treading the same path, shaking off all contrivance to showcase a mineral design inspired by the very essence of nature: combined with earth, almost coal-like, incrusted with tiny shells or fossils… Stone is returning to its natural habitat and invigorating our interiors along the way!

2/ Marble trend

Rolling with marble
Moree refined and less crude than stone, marble has always enjoyed enormous success in the interior design field. With its polished, satin-smooth texture, it continues to be a true classic, synonymous with luxury.
Marble looks set to make a big comeback over the course of the next few seasons, with the economic crisis now encouraging consumers to turn to a product known to last!
But the trend is also about hope: the time has come to turn our backs on the monotone hues of off-white marble and embrace more colourful shades symbolizing renewal, expressed through rich and vivacious LVT designs.

3/Textile Trend

The fresh take on carpet A grubby, grimy dust trap, scarpet has had its day. But abandoning it completely is totally out of the question! The LVT range pays homage to carpet’s textile roots, offering a classy and elegant take on the fabrics donned by style-conscious businessmen in 1970s New York.

These Mad Men-esque floors conjure up images of the classy modern man, totally in-tune with modern-day trends. To put it simply: tweed is back with a trendy twist!



4/ Geometric Trend

The new found love for trompe l’oeil

Pixels are escaping from our gaming screens and setting up home in the lounge, with the latest trend being to recreate 3D forms and trompe l’œil effects using highly stylized geometric shapes.

Directly inspired by nature, every shape is painstakingly reworked into non-realistic designs that create a striking illusion of relief. The thickness of each line and component plays a part in the end result, ranging from ’90s-style trompe-l’œils to delicate lace effects.


5/ Timber trend

The raw elegance of natural mood

Forget waxed floors, varnished boards and polished parquets: timber is stripping away all artifice and going back to basics.

Wood-look LVTs are adopting darker hues, donning more traditional, elegant shades. Interiors are gravitating towards a 100% natural look, free of all varnish and frills: wood infuses rooms with a hint of luxury, set against aluminium or chrome.

Now freed from its shackles, wood is also gaining depth. Today’s consumers are happily inviting pre-loved, age-worn wood into their homes, such as this vintage barrel whose unique texture came from the tannin in the wine it once so lovingly encased

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